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Be the bank and get onboard with Savi. Invest in crowdfunded loans for people and businesses throughout Europe! 

Savi makes this possible, on auto-pilot!


Invest with Savi

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Earn top % yield on your investment money!

We spoke to lots of people, and nobody said “No, I don’t want to earn money like the bank.” This is why we are building Savi. 

Your money can help others with more affordable loan terms by letting Savi invest on your behalf in p2p lending platforms. For you, we take advantage of all the crowdfunding opportunities out there and aim for the maximal return on your investment.

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Auto-investing with Savi

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Auto-pilot  your investment. Savi makes crowdfunding loans with great terms actually available to the crowds – the people like you. We partner with only the most established platforms and your money is financing their borrowers – the people around Europe.

Take advantage by investing your savings and earn a better return than banks savings account.

Investors have been earning 10%+


Crowdfunding for your community

How to invest manually with Savi?

You can invest more than your spare change savings with Savi.

Tap transfer

Send a money transfer with a tap from a connected account

Bank transfer

Send a regular bank transfer to Savi’s IBAN

E-wallet transfer

Send an instant P2P transfer from your mobile wallets like Revolut, N26, Curve, Monese, Monzo, and more.

Withdraw any time

Withdraw with a tap. Savi makes it possible to take your money that is locked in term loans earlier, with the interest!

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The people who want to invest with Savi

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Say no to zero interest on savings

Did you know that some banks now offer 0% yield on term deposits? How does that make sense for your money?

Savi is possible thanks to the EU Crowdfunding Directive and the EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) creating wide adoption for Strong Customer Authentication, strengthening payments and the economy!

Savi is coming live very soon!

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The EU Open Banking initiative makes Savi possible, and secure for clients of over 1,000 classic and challenger banks and mobile wallet providers.

Join Savi. Be with us for the launch!

Over 10% historic crowdfunding return can work for you very soon.

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