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Fintech Partnerships Manager (Business & Marketing)

Position: Fintech Partnerships Manager (Business & Marketing) - Part-time, Europe (Remote)

Hello, awesome people! Do you want to join an exciting startup? 😎

We are SAVI and our mission is to protect people’s savings from inflation! 💰

Like the sound of it? Then we want you onboard! 🚀

We’re a UK-based fintech startup! We’re excited to onboard just the right people and expand the team beyond 14!

To achieve our mission, we’re creating an app to help users auto-save money when spending and auto-invest in Peer-to-peer lending - people lending to other people via crowdfunding loans.

Instead of keeping money in the bank (which lends it out and makes a profit), SAVI does this for users on auto-pilot.
The money is invested in many different P2P/Crowdfunding platforms, and in many other loans. This is our strategy - maximum diversification that protects people’s money. With SAVI, users can save hours each month if they want to achieve the same result.

We’re a few months away from launching investing that feels like a savings account - #BeTheBANK

We started as a hackathon winner and then accelerated in the Founder Institute. We are also members of the Bulgarian Fintech

Association and partners with great fintech companies and many expert advisors!

We are still bootstrapping - building the tech before the first investment. 

What is for you as a partnership manager?

  • Create and carry out strategic partnership plans in order to expand our company network and drive growth.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key players based on a strategy.
  • Develop and maintain a process to ensure the success of each partnership.
  • Implement partnership initiatives in collaboration with cross-functional teams.
  • Monitor and report on partnerships, including metrics and key performance indicators.
  • Employ your thorough understanding of the competitive landscape and market trends.

The terms:

  1. Contractor Agreement with deferred payment terms - Check the details in this presentation.
  2. Stock option to become part owner in the company.
  3. Minimal commitment required - 1 hour per day.
  4. Your compensation will be based on commitment, experience & excellence.

Your contracts will be with Saving & Investing Technologies Ltd. - a UK company

To start:

Email your CV/profile to or connect our founder on LinkedIn: 


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