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Autopilot saving money & auto-invest it in crowdfunded loans. Enjoy over 10% historic return on your money - invested in loans to people & businesses - your community. Instantly withdraw, transfer, send or spend - with a debit card or phone.


Enjoy a powerful and secure auto-saving experience, connecting all your bank and card accounts.


Auto-lend your money to a diversified portfolio of loan recipients - reliable people and businesses throughout Europe.


Enjoy the ride with over 10% historic return at curated P2P lending partner platforms, and trust investing in the crowds.


Pay with your phone, SAVI debit or withdraw money at ATMs or send bank transfers account when you need to make payments on the go.

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Saving: 💰The first step to financial independence

We know saving money is a state of mind.

The SAVI App will help you tap the power of fully automated saving, direct from your bank accounts, and automate your investment in crowd-lending.

Crowd loans let you
#BeTheBANK 🙌‍🧑

Earn money on your savings just like the bank does! Boost the performance on your idle savings by lending it to a diversified portfolio of credit-checked people and businesses with proven collateral.

SAVI is uniting access to P2P loans as investment by partnering with regulated UK & EU crowd-lending platforms.

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SAVI debit gives you the world and behaves as “The only debit card you will ever need!”

Spend straight from your investment balance. The rest of your money keeps working for you.

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Compound your interest to beat inflation

SAVI automatically reinvests the interest you receive for the crowd loans you enable.

Money making you money and beating inflation is the optimal way to invest for a bright future. Think long-term, find out what is possible!

is building personal finance on steroids!

Let technology do the heavy lifting and stop keeping your savings idle in some savings account. Earn a return like your bank does!

We build the tech to optimise your money

Our innovative approach lets you #BeTheBANK while growing or spending your money on-the-go. The newly regulated, expanding, and diverse crowdfunding market is making all this possible!

Thanks to UK FCA & EU Crowdfunding Directive

Up your knowledge in personal finances

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