Investing in loans to people just makes sense

Investing in loans to people just makes sense

SAVI makes auto-saving & auto-investing in crowdfunded loans actually available to the crowds – you, your family, your friends, your country!

SAVI’s unique proposal is to make your money work for everyone by investing in super-diversified and secured loans to people, and businesses.

This is how the banks make money. This is how you can do it too – in a few taps.

You can #BeTheBANK

SAVI invests in regulated P2P lending platforms

Learn more about crowdfunding, P2P lending and our partners who make it possible for SAVI to diversify your investment, as securely as possible.

Earn interest on the interest you earn!

Have your investment return paid out and new interest earned on it.

Are you afraid to invest in stock market because of the involved risk? Then try SAVI!

P2P loans help us diminish the risks – these instruments don’t have the inherent risks of the stock exchange because they are not being used by speculative traders but by long-term, vetted…. loan recipients – people and businesses.


Money works better 🤑

Over 10% historic return soon available for your savings, on autopilot.

We invest your money for you, in people and business.

Thanks to Open Banking, UK FCA & EU Crowdfunding Directive

How to invest manually with SAVI?

You can invest more than just your spare change.. Send money transfers with a tap – from a connected account.

Bank transfers

Send a regular bank transfer to your SAVI account.

E-wallet transfers

Send an instant P2P transfer to SAVI from different mobile wallets – Revolut, N26, Curve, Monese, Monzo, iCard, bunq, Paysera & more.

Withdraw or spend anytime 💵

Withdraw with a tap to a connected bank account or send money to someone else via SEPA or SWIFT transfer.

Access your investment balance in a few taps, or with a debit card.

Compound your interest when investing for the future

Auto-pilot the interest your earn on investment with compound interest recalculated monthly and added to your account

How to Spend your investment

Join the SAVI journey & community

Start compounding interest on investment for your future!



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