MYTH BUSTERS – Apps that pay you daily!?

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Hello readers, and “easy money” fans! We’ve come here today to bust some myths! ?

Do you think it’s worth spending all day on the internet to shop online or smashing mobile games that pay you money? Do you think you will be able to save money in the future thanks to these apps? Can you live the life of your dreams, waking up in the morning and seeing your bank account overflowing and being self-sufficient with the cash you earn from these apps? ?

Do you really believe there are apps that pay you $10 every day, as claimed here?

We believe you have many questions, and we are here to provide detailed answers to all of them!

Stay with us until the end of this article! We performed detailed research on the apps that pay out money on a daily basis! Down below, we have listed the top “extra cash” apps – crypto and fiat ones from which you can make a profit and save money… or not – we have collected positive opinions from writers on the internet, we tested and… shared our true experience! You will be surprised!

Have fun!

Here are the top 12 apps that pay you $10 a day (or not)!

Maybe everyone truly wishes to live a life like this… someone ever said: “I am financially independent – my bank account is full of money! I enjoy sitting at home and making enough money from mobile apps, websites and online surveys!” But does it really work like this, or can you invest your time better? ?

1. Swagbucks App

The positive opinion from the internet:

One of the very few legitimate survey panels with a trustable app that allows mobile users to earn money online by answering surveys, watching videos, playing online games, and earning generous cashback rewards when they shop. Swagbucks is also one of the best-paying market research platforms, so earning $10 per day won’t take long.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a legitimate and secure app. They do pay out their rewards and have an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Still, this reward system is best suited for the casual user because your path to financial freedom or even that extra income you need to make ends meet does not go through Swagbucks. This app is more about scanning your receipt and receiving points, playing games, taking surveys, etc. But it does not pay you $10 a day, you have to work a long time to get this $10 a day. In our opinion, it’s not worth tapping all day for peanuts.

2. Kashkick

The positive opinion from the internet:

This rewards app will deposit money into your PayPal account simply for doing many of the things you already do on the internet for free. The tasks typically pay around $0.25, which may not seem like much, but most of them don’t take long to complete. As a result, earning $10 per day from the Kashkick app is not difficult.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join Kashkick?

Kashkick is a website that pays you to take surveys, watch videos, and play games. It has a broader range of money-making tasks than some other reward platforms, but is it possible to make a lot of money from it? You can earn between $5 and $50 per month as a casual KashKick user, but you must spend at least 4-5 hours on the phone daily. Some months may also generate no earnings. In general, it’s difficult to rely on sites like these to perform consistently in terms of how much you can make each day. Kashkick, like other paid survey websites, I believe is a modest side hustle at best. Don’t expect to be able to quit your day job because of this website. Some users say that it’s extremely difficult to reach the first $10 and it took them a month to cash out. Others say that when they request a payout the platform deletes their account with no explanation. Kashkick reviews clearly are true, it appears that the main problem is that it takes a long time to reach your $10 reward, so the platform doesn’t really pay a significant amount of money.

Note that Kashkick is only available in the USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

The positive opinion from the internet:

The Google Surveys team created yet another market research app to gather user feedback for product reviews, customer satisfaction, and Google services. Most surveys pay up to $1 and take less than a minute to complete. While the Google Opinion Rewards app will not make you rich, it will allow you to earn $10 per day.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join Google opinion rewards?

Google opinion rewards are advantageous in their early stages because it provides a generous number of surveys and allows us to earn points. However, it is not currently worth keeping it installed on your smartphone. It only sends out 2-3 very short surveys per month, for which you can earn between $0.038 and $0.13. It also does not pay you $10 a day.

4. Snapwire

The positive opinion from the internet:

Do you have any photos you’d like to sell? You can earn money online by selling your photos to brands, creative professionals, publishers, and small businesses using the Snapwire app. You can either upload a portfolio of your work or respond to “challenges” by submitting photos that are relevant to the challenge. Snapwire photos start at $5 per download, so this app has the potential to be quite profitable.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join Snapwire?

  • Snapwire is for taking photos and selling them to people and businesses. 

How you can make money through Snapwire? – Begin as an Explorer and enter Snapwire Challenges with your best photos. Increase your level to participate in paid buyer Requests. If your photo is nominated, you will receive points, and if it is purchased, you will be paid fairly. Keep in mind that there are many registered users, and thousands of photos are uploaded every day, making it difficult to stand out! You must come up with something truly unique! If you are fortunate enough to be chosen, money may be made, but the sums will be modest, and there is no guarantee that you will be paid $10 per day. It also does not pay you $10 a day.

5. StepBet

The positive opinion from the internet:

 StepBet allows users to pool their money for weekly challenges. Essentially, you place a wager on how many steps you will take during a given challenge. Then, as long as you meet or exceed your goal, you will receive your money back as well as a reward for meeting (or exceeding) your walking goal. Depending on how much money you bet, you could earn more than $10 per day if you meet your walking goals.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join StepBet?

StepBet has an annual membership which costs $49.99 per year. StepBet is not a good option if your goal is to find a good app to earn extra cash. Their earning option typically takes more than a month to complete, and even if you do complete it, there is no guarantee you will earn a lot. It also does not pay you $10 a day.

6. Cashyy

The positive opinion from the internet:

Android users who enjoy playing mobile games can earn money by installing the Cashyy app. It’s an excellent choice for those who already spend a significant amount of their free time playing video games.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join Cashyy?

Cashyy is a mobile app that rewards you for playing smartphone games. When you finish a mission, you will receive coins that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

There are numerous apps that claim to pay users who reach a certain amount of virtual dollars or tokens. Unfortunately, the majority of them make cashing out extremely difficult, if not impossible.

To cash out $5 takes a long time and a lot of patience. Before you can withdraw money to your bank account, you may need to install several games and use Cashyy for several weeks. The amount of coins you can earn per game is limited and determined by the provider. Some games pay coins per minute, but the more you play, the fewer coins you get. The main issue with the Cashyy app is that you may be unable to withdraw your money more than once. It also does not pay you $10 a day.

7. InboxDollars App

The positive opinion from the internet:

This market research perks app compensates members for completing a variety of online tasks such as surveys, product testing, watching commercials and movie trailers, playing games, reading emails, and responding to special offers. Earning $10 per day is simple thanks to the InboxDollars app’s countless ways to make money online.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join InboxDollars App?

InboxDollars is a company that pays individuals to read emails, take surveys, and play games. You can register for free and then begin earning funds by completing tasks. 

How much InboxDollars pays per day?

InboxDollars will pay you 1 cent for each coupon printed (up to 25 per day) and 10 cents for each coupon redeemed in-store! There is no limit to how much you can earn by redeeming coupons, but if you only redeem 25 coupons on your next grocery run, you will earn $2.60. If you decide to read emails you can get up to a $12 coupon off for books, groceries, stores, etc. It also does not pay you $10 a day.   

8. Steady

The positive opinion from the internet:

The Steady app allows users to earn some cash through one-time gigs, side hustles, and even part-time and full-time jobs. As a result, depending on the type and availability of work, you could earn much more than $10 per day. Some gigs are accomplished online, while others are performed on-site.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join Steady?

Steady is a mobile app that links people with side-income opportunities. The app provides numerous earning opportunities, including grants, job listings, and app recommendations with cash sign-up bonuses. The amount of money you can make with Steady depends on the side hustles and opportunities that you qualify for. The Steady App has over 1.5 million verified job listings, with new listings being added on a regular basis. To earn some money you need to apply for jobs. It also does not pay you $10 a day.

9. Fiverr

The positive opinion from the internet:

While you are probably familiar with the freelancing platform known for its $5 gigs, you may not be fully conscious that there is an app you can download on your mobile phone that allows you to sell gigs. And you only need to sell a couple of $5 gigs per day to earn $10 per day from the Fiverr app.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to sell gigs on Fiverr?

Selling gigs on Fiverr is difficult for beginners due to the high level of competition. If you are a new seller, you do not yet have any ratings. When someone searches for a service, only gigs with the most ratings and recommendations will appear above in the search results. Because of this issue, you will have to wait a long time for some orders.  It also does not pay you $10 a day. 

10. Sweatcoin [Crypto App]

The positive opinion from the internet:

You’ve probably heard of healthy living apps that reward users with cash in exchange for adopting healthier lifestyle habits like dieting and exercise. Sweatcoin rewards users for doing one of the most basic forms of exercise: walking. Sweatcoin’s currency is converted into each step you take. Once you’ve accumulated enough coins, you can exchange them for cash via PayPal or a variety of rewards provided by the platform’s partners.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join Sweatcoin?

In short, Sweatcoin is not a fraud, and having your steps tracked allows you to get products for free or at a discount. However, the app still has limitations in terms of what you can buy and where you can buy it, so if you’re looking for real money, it will disappoint you. It also does not pay you $10 a day.

11. StormX [Crypto App]

The positive opinion from the internet:

StormX takes the well-known online cashback model, in which brands give the referral company a cut of the sales and that company then gives you (the buyer) a portion of that split, and augments it with cryptocurrency payouts. StormX allows you to earn funds by shopping at one of their 750+ partner stores and receiving anywhere from 0.5% to 87.5% back in cryptocurrency. They also collaborate with legitimate retailers such as Lego, Sega, Doordash, Samsung, Microsoft, and others. You can also earn more cryptocurrency by HODLing it in their membership programme, playing games, and completing surveys. Then you can withdraw your funds in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Storm.

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join StormX?

StormX is ideal for individuals who already do a lot of online shopping. For example, if your children enjoy LEGOs and games, you could do all of your holiday shopping through StormX and receive a free crypto reward. This app also does not pay you a significant amount of money.

12. SocialGood: Crypto Cashback [Crypto App]

The positive opinion from the internet:

Crypto Cashback services are an excellent way to earn Bitcoin. Several cryptocurrency projects have introduced solutions that allow users to earn cashback on their BTC purchases, similar to the traditional market rewards programs. Crypto cashback programs operate in a straightforward manner. First, you must install the creator’s browser extension or app and sign up for the service. You can then begin shopping at the creators’ shops, where you can earn a percentage of your order back in cryptocurrency. 

Our true experience and opinion: Is it useful to join Crypto Cashback?

These projects frequently require users to stake or lock up a portion of their coins for a set period of time – the creators’ tokens. It is also worth mentioning that some cryptocurrency cards allow users to earn cashback on all of their purchases. The risks of earning crypto cashback rewards are very low. However, we should highlight that you must spend money to earn BTC using this method. This app also does not pay you a significant amount of money.

Final words

Everyone wants to make money quickly and easily. My advice is to sit down and work hard on your dreams because no one has ever made a fortune by simply clicking on their phone and taking paid surveys or playing mobile games that pay money, playing games for extra cash is quite okay but unfortunately, you can’t become rich… Do what you love, take a course for the desired profession, if necessary, and find a stable and profitable job or start your own business with passion. Invest in yourself and your skills, and continue to develop!

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